Mobstack internship test

Solving your recurrence, I got the same formula which I mentioned before.

Maybe these can help:

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How did you derive this. Can you please explain.

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how many of you got the interview invite?

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How do you guys come to know about these internship tests?


You can refer to Hackerearth .

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I recieved mail from Hackerearth that I had qualified the test. No mail came from mobstac as of now. Hackerearth is a fucking joke.

Did u get invite bro.

I gave the interview last week found it easier then the interviews i gave recently.

How was your interview ?? @invincibel

yes it was yesterday

it was totally resume based it went well did you get any notifications for further round?

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No updates about next round yet. I think once they will take all the interviews then they will inform about other rounds…

Has anyone qualified the test but still not recieved interview call?

Just received the selection mail from mobstac. I have to start my internship from 1st feb. 2021

have you done both of the questions of that test

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Yes i did both

I gave my cultural fit round today.

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Great u will get the offer soon…

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how long did it took for your result to come after cultural fit?