Most Horrible Code Ever Written By Me



This is brilliant :wink:
I was trying the same thing. I got tired and angry after n==7 and then I shut my editor and deleted the file ! :stuck_out_tongue:


:o still glitch free


Thank God its AC. For a moment there I thought you were asking to find a bug :stuck_out_tongue:


Tell me writing such code is just waste of time … right ??


Salute . Nice way :stuck_out_tongue:


What would you do if N < 20? :DD

You are my master :wink: Anyway, congrats for Accepted.


May be a horrible code, but the approach is awesome. Hats off to your patience in coding this.


Hilarious!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

though you could have simply used recursion, and let the function do all the work! :stuck_out_tongue: My solution


10 dimensional array :stuck_out_tongue: .great patience…hats off for that…i don’t have enough to read :stuck_out_tongue: btw in real life, u also wudn’t have, to imagine 10th dimension :stuck_out_tongue:


great…:slight_smile: there was no condition on d… how u dared to think even that would get accepted it would have overflow for n=9 d =9 .:stuck_out_tongue:


You Sir , Deserve a Medal :stuck_out_tongue: , A True Hero :stuck_out_tongue:


5 stars for your code!


He He :smiley: good joke (better than RRJOKE )…


I joined the contest very lately almost after (1.5 hours). so at first attempt i clicked with this idea and started coding without giving it a second thought … although it is not good … i feel


lolz it was not but i had to make it to get it accepted …



I left it in the middle . I should have done it only :stuck_out_tongue:


he he :smiley:


Thanks but it is not nice at all :smiley:


I did this because N <= 10 … and anyways thanks …


thanx … :smiley: