MSTICK - Editorial See this nice solution. It is AC without using any segment trees and some advanced technique :slight_smile:


Segment trees need way too much memory to be allocated. Check out Sparse tables instead here

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Hi the segment trees section in the top coder tutorial only explains how to initialise the tree n query for a minimum in a given interval … could someone pls spare few mins explaining wat changes must be made to that algorithm to fetch the maximum in the given interval … It would be really very helpful … apologies if its a silly question …

hi mkagenious. I have tried and tried but getting a wrong ans. I have also looked at others solutions, but cant find any faults in mine. Could you please help me? My submission ID : 2172602.

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please some one help me in this code… wrong answer…cross checked many times… :frowning:

Wrote the code using RMQ. Can anybody guess where did I go wrong ?


I am solving this problem in O(Qroot(N)) but getting WA. I dont know where the code is failing,please check it once.

here is Ideone the link.

@mkagenius I again changed the code but getting WA :frowning: please help me :frowning: my solution id is :-2183210

I implemented a Python solution for this problem and it is as fast as the few Python AC ones but I got TLE. Can someone spot the issue ?

Hey , I followed the first approach (finds range min query in time O(rootN)) . Upon submitting the code , I am getting Runtime Error.

Total Memory Limit for this 50000 bytes.I declared two arrays of size 10000 each. So , it takes 80000 bytes [2*40000 bytes]. Is this the reason for the error ?

But, I have seen solutions using two arrays getting accepted.

I have implemented the segment tree and correct approach , it is working for basic test cases but giving WA can somebody see

i m getting WA for the question but not able to figure out why… kindly help… my solution is

I get WA,can anyone tell me what am I doing wrong?
My submission-

Hey Though I have test a lot of test cases and have considered the double part still the WA…:frowning:
heres my sol: .plz help…:frowning:

Can anyone please find the error.The code is working on all test cases I could find,but could not locate the error,getting WA.
Plz Help…

Hey I have used 2 segment trees for implementation. But still, I am getting wrong answer. Can’t figure out why. Could anyone please help me out? Solution : Can view my sol here. Not getting where is the prob,getting correct answer for all test cases

unable to figure out whats wrong with this?

What would the fault be in my solution?

I am trying to solve the problem matchsticks

I used segment tree data structure still I get TLE with a complexity O(2N + Q4*log(N))

where O(2N) for building 2 segment trees and O(4Q*log(N)) for running 4 queries on the segment tree for each query Q.

Can somebody please correct me if I am wrong about the complexity of my algorithm or help me find out why do I get TLE ?

I would appreciate it, thanks :slight_smile:

Here is my solution