NCR codewars question doubt

Hello Community!
So problem was like this —
find x in such way that after performing Xor operation with each element of given array the sum of array is maximized and if the there are more than one x which is giving the maximum array sum (after operation) then we have to return the minimum x.

x can be upto 2^63.

10 12 5 7 19

92233720368…(some 18 digit number, i don’t remember)

How can i solve this?

thanks for replying! but can you explain what you are doing in your code?

first of all i have checked that how many numbers out of n have their ith bit set .

if more than or equal to half of the numbers have their ith bit set then the ith bit of our ‘X’ will be 0 else the ith bit of our ‘X’ will be 1.

I hope u got it know ,still not dry run the code or ask me again …!!!


You actually have to use equal to here too because if half the numbers have ith bit set then we have to take minimun ‘X’.

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ohh yes , my bad …!!!

Got it. thanks!!

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Very nice explanation . Thanks.

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can we also do this like, first find the sum of array element then set the 0 bit to one and one bit to 0 that will be our X…

No we can’t do like this .

eg let’s take 3 numbers 1,2 ,4

1 -> 0 0 1
2 -> 0 1 0
4 -> 1 0 0

s -> 1 1 1 (sum of 1,2,4)

according to you the value of all these bits will be ‘0’ but all these will be ‘1’ in the ‘X’.

hope it helps …!!!


Thanks for replying, what is the value of x in this case…

and what is the value of maximum sum in this case

As all the bits will be set to 1 in this case , so value of ‘X’ will be 2^63-1.

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