Need Help! my code is successfully executed in Code,Compile & Run Panel of Codechef but on submission shows Wrong answer. The Question Code is FLOW004 (first and last digit) of Begineer level.And, my code is:

@admin why does the same code show WA and AC for two different users?!

may be test cases were updated between @anon11076894 submission and your submission, and for single digit numbers (len(l)==1) both first and last digits are same, so answer should be 2*number.

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exactly, that’s what I thought.

but this is not possible, because I had submitted the code (with condition of len(string) == 1 once before him also, and it gave me WA. Also, our recent submission was not very far apart, and since this is a fairly old problem of practice beginner, i hardly think they’ll be changing anything rn

He submitted in 2019, and you in 2020, but this questions has submissions from 2015, so i also don’t think that they would have changed anything after 4 years.

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lol sorry i just saw 20-08 and assumed 2020 XD