North koreans occupy the top 3 positions in september long challenge

I don’t find any similarity in the two codes except for one which is I can’t understand both of them.

never mind, cheaters are just eliminating themselves out of race. Good for us.

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We can keep that aside and just notice their suspicious actions throughout all these years . You can check the links I have posted. They have been caught many times in the past.

Seems like they got really better at hiding it.

But always getting rank-1 is not a good way to hide.Xd.

The actions are suspicious but if they break any rules, they are penalized. They might be taking part in teams and we can’t do anything since they don’t break any rule.

Participating in a team using multiple accounts is violation of rule. You can check it up. For example-Three accounts got top 3 ranks by team participation. Thats a violation. Codechef only allows 1 account for team participation.

Do you have any proof that the 3 accounts had people in common?

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My comment has been edited. Apart from their previous actions / histories/similar usernames like rsn5/rsn6, I have no other proof. Just wanted to bring attention to this matter. Thanks.


If you have any concrete proof regarding their cheating, report at . Still If you want to say something publicly, use this thread . Don’t create mutiple threads here. It won’t benefit anyone in any of the ways.

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