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Hi Communtiy,
This is Sumit Kumar. I am new to competitve programming and currently studying in class 10th. I am preparing for ZIO this year and this would be my first attempt. Currently ,I am solving previous year question papers of ZIO.

I have a doubt regarding problem 4a of ZIO 2012. I would like to seek help from the community.
My solution for problem 4a is : 47 22 86 11 95 8 12
The editorial solution is : 47 8 22 12 95 11 86

It is not mentioned in the problem that there can be multiple soluitons. However I feel my solution is correct.
I would like to seek help from you people.

Link to problem:
Link to editorial:

Thank You.
Happy Coding.

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I think you are wrong becuase you are not considering the notebook entry and you are only considering bookshelve entry

Try considering that too and I think you will get correct answer

Sudheera Y S

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