Now i can sleep peacefully

if it is a really nice achivement for u
geting 100 or 200 or 300 or 400
is also a great achievement for some people
who have been stuck on intitial problems from so many longs

what if people post abt
getting 4* for the first time
getting 5* for the first time
getting 6* for the first time
how would the discuss look like ?
this is the first time i see someone posting their achievements
please dont start a new trend


okk you won the argument be happy,happy coding.

As far as I am concerned , there is nothing wrong in posting something you are proud of and genuinely took the pain and effort to achieve :slight_smile:
As for @tmwilliamlin’s comment , I can only assume the amount of messages he’s received :laughing: :rofl:


Everything is nice here. Only thing I feel is that it should have been posted after the contest ends…

Like if you are doing good in a math exam…you can’t just stand up and tell in front of the whole class during the exam , “hey guys, my paper is going awesome”.

You should tell it to everyone after the exam ! :slight_smile:

Just my opinion, maybe I am wrong :slight_smile:


Yeah , I get your point :slight_smile:
I still think it’s okay however , it might entice people to ask for solutions , yes but as long as the OP doesn’t respond in kind , all’s well and good right ?

Actually i was not able to control my happiness level after solving 8 th. que thats why i did that instantaneously.Next time i,ll take care of that(if any this level of thread will repeat in my life :wink:.


Yaa, its all fine & good. But there are many people who will take personal offence and be very angry if you are doing good and posting it before contest ends.

Some will be happy as they get inspired.

But there are guys struggling for days with 5/6/7th question and then they see this on discuss…not gonna make them feel delighted :stuck_out_tongue: (Human Psychology)

So if someone does, they are taking a risk :stuck_out_tongue:

@immortal_mark Congratz for the great result. Waiting to see you compete with the Big Boiis next month :wink:


I don’t know how well he slept, after going through all the debate!


Welcome to the Dark Side of indian programming Community


Yeah @karangreat234 you would know better
u are alone enough to make 6* a joke don’t fool the newbies

youre just a meme material


@karangreat234 is waiting for you @immortal_mark :joy:

Honestly you did give me motivation to solve the questions of this month’s long challenge. XD
And regarding the debate that happened in above…why is everyone taking this so negatively?
Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?
OP did something great and he’s very happy and showing that he has been able to do good, people here are criticising appreciate his achievements! :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball::confetti_ball:
(Not gonna respond anymore to this)
Very happy for you! @immortal_mark and you gave me motivation to try and solve the questions of this long challenge :smiley:


How nice! I just solve only 2 problem of this long contest.
however, It’s a big achievement for me as i am a beginner of cp.
Now, should I post it? I think it is depend on me. isn’t it?

Why? Wasn’t it a great inspiration for us? Don’t do this, please. But I think it good for the author as he faced some debate after posting this. I think now he could sleep peacefully.
happy sleep!

@hetp111 please talk respectfully. Because I think it is a respectful place. Yes, you are right, if I solve only 2 problems no one will give a crap (in your language). But as I am not so skilled in programming like you or @immortal_mark and as I am just a beginner (very new in competitve programming) so I comment it. but don’t underestimate me, please.

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Thats exactly why you shouldnt post it :slight_smile:

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@hetp111 that’s funny.:rofl:
You should more serious in this discussion forum.
Am I right!
If I wrong then forgive me.

Looks like all the people who liked this post (including me) needs a solution for SNUGFIT :rofl::rofl:


Really bro, i was also thinking on it😂