only sample test cases were original test cases in UEM code storm



We were struggling to solve even for first question just because of constraints then finally,we used Brute force then got accepted in 0.00 sec what!! i mean, this is nothing but a joke.Just the complete wastage of time.Thanks to @alpha_q2 to show these types of submissions.


Problem statements were so poor to understand quickly. And how the teams came to know that there is only one test case in some problems?


It was indeed a waste of team reading and understanding problem statements ,there was no clarity. Moreover the sample test cases were also not explained. The test cases didn’t comply with the input format in UCS02 .
I request admin to take harsh action against this.


My team was able to solve to just one and rest of time I just kept wondering how people are making submission without any penalty and at speed of flash? I figured out the answer to my question after the contest. :smiley:


It spoils the time,the enthusiasm and everything. It got hilarious in stages.
There was no clarity in the problem Descriptions.
the solutions that should have got TLE got AC and that too in execution time 0.00.
printing just the sample output got AC.
Then I was ,Seriously???
Contests like this should be banned.


This scared me man, like REALLY scared me


This is very shameful. Such incidents should not happen again. And such colleges should be banned from hosting the contest on codechef or any other websites. This can be verified from my solution which requires "multiple-lines-of-code" => solution :stuck_out_tongue:


There should be an admin from codechef who can avoid these type of situations in the contests by checking some basic requirement of conducting contests. Otherwise, these type of contest may decrease ERP of codechef.




I guessed that when I saw a team getting 5 ACs in few minutes


I wonder how CodeChef allows such fishy contests every year !!


Same here Bro xD


I was struggling to understand UCS03.


Exactly !!


I was also in the same situation :frowning:


Exactly it’s dissapointing to see solutions like this :frowning:






Codechef should use plagiarism hammer on all contestents who have cheated.


Oh really !!!