Plagiarism continued for Months. Action will be taken :)

These are all links of Feb Long.

Even the name of their functions is same :stuck_out_tongue: I guess the Moss process for this is over. Please look into it :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel that you should at least cross check your sources?

:rofl: @vijju123


I guess I have no info. on January. Rest of the decision is all on Codechef. I’ve no say in it:-)

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If thats the case then simply stop jeopardizing Codechef’s MOSS system point blank like this. And as usual, saying cheaters aren’t caught before MOSS is wrong as well.

I mean,there are all instances just after Jan , not of Jan. Really sorry for that. And Moss is very strong, I know that. But I felt that these cases might be forgiven, so I brought them to light. @vijju123

I guess you meant “these cases might have escaped” because if they were forgiven then it must have been for a very valid reason. We dont just give pardons for cheating. :stuck_out_tongue:

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…okkk :slight_smile:

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I am not able to understand ,why the people are doing this type of shit thing, what did he get.


Most of the plagiarists I mentioned have been banned :slight_smile:

They abused me a lot though on Social media so I guess they deserve it :slight_smile:

I can even file a report on them for doing that. Yep,next time,I’ll report’em in secret :slight_smile:

Can I see where that exact rule is written which you said?

Will we get 400-500 laddus for secretly reporting Plagiarism and helping Codechef ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooooooohh…Didn’t think that this is possible…

Only he can answer lol

Rank… Ratings… Simple




What happened ?

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i think he was saying out of irony

how bad is this thing
no rating drop for 1 year ?
then what is the use of MOSS?
what is the use when u penalize someone after they even stop coding ?