Possible change like codeforces?

dream of every cc coder that wont be fulfilled :disappointed:


If you can create a BFS, just test your code against that. This is even useful when in live competition. If not, take an AC solution and test it against yours.


But say the problem is of graph theory. Then how will u generate random tc’s for this problem (taking into consideration that adjacency list has to be constructed) ?


so can you help me with this INOI 2020 department strengths WA help

Just like the setter of the problem would create. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s a bit of a mess, but here’s my initial submission of BACREP, complete with brute-force implemention; optimised implementation, and testcase generator (search for --test).


Bro but if u know what the edge cases are for the problem then do i even need to ask for help?

It’s not 100% guaranteed, but small-ish random testcases uncover edge-cases shockingly quickly in my experience. The only things they tend not to help with are:

  1. TLEs (obviously)
  2. Uncovering integer overflow, but there are other ways of detecting that.

@ssjgz I agree with you but sometimes the error is just not visible to the eye even after testing 100’s of cases.


I think that’s very rare, though; and it doesn’t have to be visible to the eye: as soon as the brute-force and optimised solutions don’t match, you have your testcase :slight_smile:


Yeah it is but wouldnt it be so much convinient if an option like that did exist? And if other sites like codeforces can put an option like that then i guess that it might not be that hard? I may be wrong though.

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I think it’s probably a deliberate design decision, and one I agree with, frankly - people don’t give you nice, neat testcases in interviews, nor when you working as a programmer.


@ssgz but say the constraints of the problem are 10^{18} and the brute force is O(N). And say my code is working for most of the tc’s except the large one > 10^9. Will i even have to optimise the brute force for that? And if yes then it’ll be really tiresome. Atleast for me. And believe me this error has happened with me a lot of time.

That generally doesn’t happen and the even never happened with me. If you write an optimised code that doesn’t work for n>1e9 , then there are high chances it will have a tc n<1e9 where it will not work.


Yeah, as with @akshitm16, I can’t think of a time when the size of the testcase was the difference between AC and WA, except for cases of integer overflow, as mentioned :man_shrugging:


In my opinion, Code Chef should allow the people to view the test cases just like Code Forces does for the problems in the practice section. Even I have been struggling to find the test case where my solution is going wrong in ACCBIP problem from the previous Long Challenge.
EDIT - As far as the fact is considered that it happens very rarely, the issue is that when you get a verdict like that, it becomes super difficult for majority of the people to debug that case.

what are your views @everule1 @vijju123 @galencolin @therealnishuz @ssrivastava990 @admin @pushkarmishra

It will be dream only

see this problem statement and must see sample input output https://www.codechef.com/ABCC2020/problems/GFPOOL

is there any limitations or community guidelines on codechef?
as platform there should be @admin please before having live at least review the problem statements, characters used in them !

Bro in one line : They don’t fulfill this condition.So just deal with it , if this happens almost everyone happy , but not gonna happen , so no hope.

When I mess up a problem on codeforces, I immediately see the test case for which my solution fails. Since that’s not possible on codechef, it allows me to think more about where I could go wrong.

Suppose that this happens to you:

Codeforces doesn’t allow you to see the full test case. In a case like this, there is no difference between the two sites.


But I think that being able to download test cases is a nice idea.

Also, I’d like to have a ‘copy’ button which will let you copy the sample test cases.

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