Preparation for SE , SES , PP Interview ( Hack with infy and INFYTQ 2020 )

my first technical interview was on 18th september and second 30 min interview was on 25th september and in today morning I got a mail from infosys directly that you have been selected…ye sb

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cool thanks for sharing this info my dates were almost the same my 1st interview was on 17th and second was on 25 lets see when do i get the mail!!!
Does any one know what should I do if I dont recieve the mail soon??

even some of my friends who gave an interview on the same dates did not get the result…so Dont worry bro

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I really do not understand the selection procedure. You gave 2 interviews and got a direct mail from Infosys while I got interviewed only once and received a message from tpo. Most of us did’nt even get any mail for the Interview. LOL

I got interviewed on 9th and my tpo got the mail yesterday that I was selected, but not for SES role I was selected for SE role.
They said I will soon recieve a mail from infosys.

bro I can’t do anything regarding this, there always exist different procedure for different universities, even my friends who were selected as PP role from HWI finals, they also got the mail directly from infosys on the same day

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oo… so you guys are of PP role … sorry my bad. Yes, they can at least mail directly to PPs. Best of Luck


I didn’t even get the interview date. Is anyone there who got the " you have won a PPI for SES" mail but thereafter no mail for the interview?

chill, there are lots of guys who did not get the interview mail till now!!..just prepare and prepare hard, they will give only 2-3 days only

yes, same here. Waiting for an interview dates

Does hackwithinfinity send rejection mails?

Don’t know bro…once ask your tpo did they got any mail or not.

probably if hackwithinfy sends mail direct to you then they will send the rejection mail but if they are sending the result to your TPO then they will not send a rejection mail.

Did you get the mail from Infosys?

No they sent a mail to our tpo and he sent it to me.

Okay :+1:

Today morning 9AM, I was interviewed for SES role, it went for 35 minutes ,

  1. tell me about yourself, told for about 1 min
  2. interviewer asked why you have developed projects using python(my 3 projects were developed by python 2 full stack 1 machine learning flask server), then i replied i use java for CP and for development python due to large resources such a plenty of modules)
  3. Interviewer asked Diff between LIST and Tuple, and examples of usage - Answered
  4. after that she asked about machine learning project first
    i have explained about the project in 5 minutes
  5. then she asked my second project which is a full stack webproject built with html,css,js,python,django,sql.
    i have shown my project by running on my local machine. she asked different questions on my projects for almost 20 minutes, (seems like she liked the project) .
  6. and then she asked some even more questions like i want some features how will you do this etc.
  7. then she asked if some error occured in the work assigned to you then how will you respond whether you ask your team mates or senior software developer, - managed to answer
  8. then she asked will you adopt for the new technologies - answered
  9. do you have any location preferences - i answered i can work on any place in the world(lol)
    interview finished,
    basically i am from chemical engineering background, but i never showed any intention that i am from non cs.
    i hope i will get the SES role ( to prove my friends that i went in the correct direction from chemical to computer),
    Thank you.
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