Preparation for SE , SES , PP Interview ( Hack with infy and INFYTQ 2020 )

I havent yet recieved any mail for the interview is it normal ??I was selected for the PP role .
Also I was told if i mess this up i would be given another shot for SES role so will that happen at the same time or another interview will be sechulded for that??

who told u that if u mess up then u will get other interview for SES role?

Yes in the video conference happened on 10th August, we were told that if the interviewer thinks, you’re not a good fit for the role of PP then they might call you for SES and even if that doesn’t fits for you then SE and then you’re out of the race.

I guess they said they will give u PP, SES or SE based on one interview. No other interview will be taken i guess.

It depends on the interviewer.

I’m searching for the questions “Amusement Park” and “Potential of Players” came in HWI round-2. If anyone knows where can I find it??

Anyone here who got the interview mail from Infosys for PP role…The last mail was for video conference and form submission…after that haven’t received any mail…Did anyone get any further mail…?

Hey how was the interview? Can you post your experience here.

Till when can we expect the results of our interview? If someone has any idea…pls tell !!!

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can you please share your interview experience here

Bro any got date for SES role or anyone did the interview for SES please share

Not yet received for the SES profile.

I recently had my interview, it was for SES role, the interview went on for about 45 mins, it started with my projects, some basic questions related to it, then for the technical part i was asked to explain RDBMS, all sorts of joins and what is polymorphism. Then I was asked some scenario based questions like, given a function which is not allowing the program to execute how would I tell which part of it was giving the error. Then some HR questions. It was weird that I wasn’t asked to code anything.


Anyone who selected in TCS .
Please share the interview experience

Thank you so much sharing Bro !They said it was going to be technical still they are asking HR questions .?

Yes i had my TCS CODEVITA interview on 14 Sept the they asked are:-

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. What programming lang do you know according basic coding questions
  3. If project mentioned little things about project
  4. Lastly hr questions.
    Quite Good result yet to declare…

Was this for SES Role or PP ? and what coding questions please mention bro

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Any project you have done for TCS CODEVITA

Does anyone have their second interview today after the power programmer’s first interview? If yes kindly share your experience. Is it a technical one or am HR?