Problem Code : CV , I'm not able to find why run time error is happenning.Please somebody help me regarding this

no , i didn’t give any input.

this literally what i asked you
provide inputs there
and why do u say it gives TLE when it gives AC on submitting
u cannot get TLE verdict by running progs on local machine or online ide

You can see the above mentioned link…there you will find TLE status.That’s why i said TLE!

okk i see!! u r using ide mode while submitting
will check whats the matter later

heyy bro do one more thing, problem code : PROXYC .i did my coding.answer is right on my ide but submittion says WA.please help me.i’m new to programming so i need to learn a lot.i’m not trying to get points in JUNE CHALLENGE,i only want to learn…

check for my code and my id is pandey246 from which i submitted my code.

Sure. Please remind us after long challenge end.

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will do it after contest
btw u do realize we cannot see others code during contest right

I’ll send you bro if u want to see it…

Give me your email so that i can send it to you.I don’t have patience that’s why I’m saying this.

thats unethical and against the codechef’s rules
think it like an exam
wouldn’t it be cheating if someone looks at ur soln and correct it

i admire ur curiosity but I dont want to spoil the fun of solving ques for u
u can be assured that all prob statement and test cases are correct
So u still hav 6 days then why to give up
and its a logical prob, so even a beginner can solve it

Kya pandey ji aap bhi kammal krte h thoda or try to kijiye Kya PTA ho jaye, itna jaldi haar manoge , galat baat :blush:

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Bhai krte h try…shukriya

Bhai krta hu try fir se… shukriya

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Motivation level max @ssrivastava990 :rofl::rofl:

bro one thing tell me

in that problem we can round of 74.4 to 75 ,74.8 to 75 or not?

Statement : at least 75%
Answer to your question : Is 74.8 at least 75 ?

bhai tu to test kr ra h …seedhey bta deta…:+1: