Problem regarding rating

which contest’s rating will be updated first long challenge or cook off

I believe it’s long

And what about that “International Coding Marathon” ??

Will our current rating taken as the base rating for rating changes in all three contests ?


Queue is followed in such cases.

Hate to be that guy but *
It’s @vijju123 I guess :slight_smile:


what if our division change by long challange , in this case in calculation of rating of cookoff which division will be considered

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Ratings calculation will be done sequentially in this order: FEB20, ICM2020, and then COOK115.
For example, if a user had participated in only FEB20 and COOK115, their ratings will be changed for FEB20 first, and using those new parameters (rating, volatility), the ratings for COOK115 will be calculated.
By doing so, it could happen that a user who was initially in Div-2 could have participated in COOK115B, but their ratings could increase due to FEB20 and they might end up in Div-1 after FEB20. But they will still be considered to have participated in the Div-2 contest of COOK115, and their ratings will be calculated as such.

The only inconsistency that this would produce is that in the ratings graph, it will look like the user participated in Div-2 of COOK115, even though the graph would say that they should have been in Div-1 according to their rating. But this is fine, and is not an issue.


would it take more time as compared to normally what it takes for rating changes to show up ?