Thanks for replying ,i understood where i did mistake.

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can anyone help me with this? where am i getting this wrong .

I have tried multiple test-cases with all correct answers. I don’t know where I am getting wrong. It will be very helpful, if someone help me in finding the bug.

Consider the test input:


Thank you for the correction!
But, I am still getting a SIGSEGV error (Runtime error). I tried to check for any divide by 0 error , but there is no such division. Also, memory usage is not too much. I don’t know why still I am getting such error :frowning: .

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Please link to your updated code.

It looks like you applied the fix, but then broke it by additionally switching to using a std::string and using it wrongly :slight_smile:


S is empty, so attempting to reference S[i] is undefined behaviour.

Again thank you so much ! :smile:
I just started solving practice questions, any tips or suggestion from you would be great.

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  • Set up gcc on your local machine
  • Use debugging flags until you are ready to submit - I generally use -D_GLIBCXX_DEBUG -fsanitize=undefined -ftrapv, which would have pointed out your Runtime Error immediately
  • only use Codechef’s compiler when you are ready to submit, which you shouldn’t do until (at least) the sample testcase passes with the debugging flags enabled.