Query about Challenge problem scoring system

The score that you will see during the contest (for tie-breaker problem), will only be partial (obtained on 20% of the test data). The submissions will be re-judged at the end of the contest to get a full score (obtained on the whole test data).

Will the last submission be re-judged at the end of contest or all the submission which got AC, will be re-judged and maximum points among them will be considered?

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All submissions will be rejudged and maximum among them will be considered

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BTW i must say you got a very nice score in challenge problem :slight_smile:

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Thanks bro, I have one more query regarding a problem on codechef, to which none is responding.
Can you please spare a minute on that?


seems like stack size ( depth of recursion) is less for python than c++ and hence due to stack overflow the python solution gets RE.
PS: python has fixed limit which is 1000 so actual depth that can be used id 998 ( maybe 1000-2).
You need limit=5002 ( as n=10000 you need actual depth 5000)

Here is how you do it in python

Caution : This should be done with care, because a too-high limit can lead to a crash.