Rating not updated

yesterday i gave starters 31 but still my rating is not updated. why?

Ratings were recalculated for the last 3 contests.
It should be fixed now, please check again.

so does that mean the moss tests are over for march long 1 and starters 31??

No, it’ll take us 15-20 days.

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ok thanx for the reply

Great but we still don’t have any updates about starters 27,28,29,30, march cookoff march lunchtime, February long challenge it’s above 15-20 days @shaily_adm. When can we get their statistics and expect the cheaters to be punished?

bro what should i do should i switch to code*(you know what) platform @hello12x
are there ratings updated quiker a i have started from feb lunchtime only??
plz guide me

Hey, all the stats will be updated here: Updates on curtailing plagiarism

Some contests might get delayed due to inevitable issues.

thanx you are very responsive