REALBIN - Editorial

I think the number can be as high as 10^18 so the only possible way was to calculate all powers of 2 upto 10^18 as prefix at start of program and using that you we can evaluate .
But i am not sure if it can work without it also.

I did the exactly same thing and stored the values in a map, but its giving me wrong answer although my logic is absolutely correct.

yeah… I’ve used that in my next submission, but no use :expressionless:

yeah… even tried that way… but no use :frowning:

But can’t we make it 1 in one move everytime by selecting (b-a) /b as we had to make it 1 Or 0 any one of this so why this does not work?

basically dont use endl it will cause flush operation and since A and B were <= 10^18 which is a very big number it was taking a lot time to accept input
cin wastes time synchronizing itself with the underlying C-library’s stdio buffer

for more info Cin-Cout vs Scanf-Printf - GeeksforGeeks


I don’t understand Codechef. While all this time, I have never got a TLE in Codeforces , I get that only in Codechef.



“I saw your answer before it was withdrawn”
Omg it worked.
Using “\n” instead of endl actually worked.
Cant believe this
using endl - TLE
using “\n” - 0.2 sec

i got ac in python after probably 10 tries using this way.

yep, it worked. Thanks :slight_smile:

denominator should be in formate of 2^x 5^y
in editorial solution why only 2 is considered
a=1 b=5
a/b = 0.2
5 also should be considered right?
check this link:-

yup it worked

Its so unfair i used the right logic but using endl instead of /n cost me a question :sob:
And also is it just me that the question were easier than previous ones or maybe i was lucky to come up with good observation


Problem: From Rational to Binary
Please can anybody point out what is wrong in my solution. May be i am missing something!!

Sad reacts only.
They should have mentioned to use fast IO or endl… just like CodeForces does.


Probably this: __builtin_popcount - Codeforces


Considering your example, a = 1 and b = 5. Let x = 1/5
Divyam can use the operations ‘add’ or ‘subtract’ in such a way that he can avoid 0 or 1.
If Chef gives him 1/5, then he can add it to make x = 2/5
Suppose again x = 1/5 is given, then he can subtract 1/5 from x and then x becomes 1/5.
So, no matter how many times you give 1/5, Divyam can go from 1/5 to 2/5 and then return to 1/5 again.


Thanks for pointing. I should have check the range for the function.
Got accepted.

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Can, anybody tell me how should I run this code in Java. I am getting TLE . In Java we don’t have endl to break the input .!!!