Reduce contest time to 2.5 hrs

The current contest time is 3 hours which is more than what should be the sufficient time and in the last 30 minutes you can see a surge in the number of submissions in each problem , kindly do something for it , it is really demotivating seeing our rank gone from 200 to 500 in just 1-2 minutes


lol , my rank went from 22 to 150, in last 5 mins



We understand your concern.

However, we also have coders from Div 3 & 4 participating in these contests. Since they are at a beginner stage, they need more time to solve the questions, and hence the 3-hr duration. Having said that, we do have a monthly rated contest - Cook-Off, the duration of which is 2.5 hours.

Regarding the plagiarism concern - we are actively running plagiarism checks for all our rated contests. However, the process is time taking, so we request your patience. If you come across any specific cases, please mail them to and we’ll surely take a look. You can also catch our updates on the no. of cheaters in every contest here: Updates on curtailing plagiarism

Thank you so much for considering and your valuable feedback