Regarding 100 % attendance

Hey @admin @vijju123, I tried my best to solve a problem or at least attain a partial score in this lunchtime contest but couldn’t.
I got AC in a subtask for this problem but no partial score, this lunchtime was particularly tough compared to the previous lunchtime as they had at least twice the number of AC in the first problem with the almost same accuracy.
So I request you to consider my attendance for this lunchtime as I have around 11 months of attendance and all my efforts will be wasted

Attendance means a non-zero score for a year in Long Challenge, Cook-Off, Lunchtime on a trot, starting from Long Challenge.

And, some people might think that it was very easy, and secondly it will be unfair and meaningless to have these type of rewards. I understand your pain, but you have to view it from a different angle too.

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what we get in the completion of 1 year without any absent.

1000 laddus for 100 % participation