Regarding Cheating in Long Challenge

What the fuck is going on codechef. Most of the person are cheating solutions solutions are leaked on youtube for except 2 problems 520/700 score person also have rank around 200.
What the heck is going on we the people who try to solve problems work hard on them and rest guys copying solutions are the same… Please do something @admin make long challenge unrated or anything that you can do to stop this scam going on… It really making me frustated.


Mass Cheating in May Long Challenge. read this. It’s funny how you guys melt down so easily.

I kinda wait for others to cheat. Its a game for me. I am like a cheater hunter. Enjoy the chase, learn the lessons(yeah do not forget upsolving and reading blogs on codechef/codeforces). Until you reach there. find a cheater and make his ratings drown. Laugh a little. Find his linkedin. May be post his cheating in one of the linkedin posts. So many ways to have fun but all you wanna do is cry.

PS: Ironically your username is tourist. :joy:


Why is everyone demanding make Long unrated.

If you are so much frustrated then don’t give Long. CC already knows cheating happens and may be taking some action for it. Long is only one of its variety. So, Long challenges are not going to stop.

Anyways, I have always asked to make separate rating for Long contests and short contests


Ah yes the essential mass cheating and make long challenge unrated blog during every long.


yeah actually the thing some of us don’t want to focus so much on ‘making his ratings down’ , ‘finding his linkedin’. But it really breaks your heart if you try hard and give your hours to the problem , while someone else just copies it.
This is an online judge , this is there contest and it makes sense that they take care of it. I know it can’t be 100% stopped anyways , but it is now more than ever.


Everything Is Golmal In Long :joy:


This is true , the cheating has substantially increased during this May Long challenge for some reason. Some youtube videos have popped up. I do not say make it unrated , but atleast look into it,
and i know they will.


I totally agree. May long was plagiarized like any how. I don’t think starting from tic tac toe problem, any problem was easy but solutions are coming in large numbers. On my fourth day my ranking was 200 with 430 points now my rank is 2000. I mean initially the accuracy for tic tac toe as well as modular equation was around 10-15% percent but the people are giving solutions so quickly.


That’s Why I don’t give Long Challenge.


The funny thing is that people are explaining solutions with webcam (revealing their id’s and faces ) :joy:
This is the extreme limit


Hn I can see it from your Submissions 9th class lol… :joy::joy::joy: , In Tree house c++14 to c++17(leaked solution) and again c++14 …
It’s also kinda golmal… :joy:


i think long challenges should continue since many participate in it to learn .

But the problem is with delayed plagiarism check (almost once in 2 yrs ) .

@admin it would be better if u can give data at what interval the plagiarism will be punished
i think its not impossible to punish cheaters once in 3 months

that would greatly improve the credibility of codechef
we cant stop cheaters , thats true, but codechef should do whats best from their side right ??

even if its tough to run moss … can u just check the reported solutions ?


500+ successful submissions on ISS, Come on it’s not that easy!


adding to that I was able to do king killing but not ISS yet.

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@ninja_ioi and everyone I have updated discord link It was not showing earlier access.
Discord Link :

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School student from Kota :eyes::eyes:.

@koolprogammer sry it’s just fun said… don’t take it seriously :wink:


Everybody is saying that i have cheated in long challenge
I Felt Really Sorry About This But I Have Only Cheated THOUSES I Swear :sweat: :weary:
I Accept My Guilt
Sorry For This
If admins wants to suspend me for some days they can do, I will not ask anything


@ninja_ioi are u also a school boy or College one ?


Sorry again that link was temporary new Link
Please check if it’s not working say in comments.