Regarding rating change after SnackDown 2021 - Elimination Parallel Round

Why hasn’t rating changed after the mentioned contest. It doesn’t take that much time to update. If it is due to ongoing Long challenge, then at least update rating for Div 2 and 1.

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It’s clearly metioned on the Contest Page that

Ratings for this contest will be calculated after December Challenge 2021.

CodeChef should update the ratings for div 1 and div 2 of SnackDown elimination contest before Starters 19(rated for div 2&3) or should postpone the Starters 19 .

Because it is going to cause ambiguity for the contestants who would have gone under division change after the elimination contest , but now also they will be giving contest from the previous division .

I don’t understand , How CodeChef going to deal with this , because questions are not same in all the divisions .

Btw correct me if Iam wrong somewhere , Thanks !


Sorry, I didn’t see that.

When there are overlapping contests, this is the process followed:

The ratings have to be calculated in the order of the starting times of the contests. So the contest which started first has its rating calculated first, even if it ends later. Hence, in this case, the Long contest’s rating will have to be calculated first, then the Elimination rounds, and then START19.
And because of this, the ratings of the short contests can also be calculated only after the Long contest ends.
This leads to one ambiguous case, which happens when the division of a user changes after the rating change of a contest which started earlier. This is taken care of by considering a user’s division for a particular contest to be division in which they were, when the contest actually started; and not what their division is when the ratings for this contest is actually calculated.
So for eg. suppose a user was in Div-3 when the Long contest started, but after the Long contest ends, and the ratings for the Long are calculated, they go up to Div-2. But when they took part in the short contests, their rating was still in Div-3. So they would still considered to be in Div-3 for those contests when the rating is calculated for those short contests.
Likewise, if someone in Div-2 took part in the Elimination and in the Starters, but after the Long ends, their Elimination rating change took them to Div-1. But they would still be considered to be in Div-2 for the Starters, and hence the Starters would be rated for them, even though it is unrated for Div-1.

The main issue of course is that participants have to wait for their rating changes, till the Long contest ends. We are looking into ways to change our system so as to overcome this over the next few months.

tl;dr: Don’t worry about any of this, and just participate in the contests. If while participating, the system tells you that the contest is rated for you, it will be rated. If it says that it is unrated, it will be unrated. Irrespective of what happens to your division after the previous rating changes are calculated.