I referenced this diagram (@ instead for my implementation (which turns out to be WA) is there a way to reconcile the two? meaning how should I setup the for-loops to iterate the correct bounds as necessary to compute the final answer?

I edited my ans with link of my solution, see if it helps.

I have to agree. I think the tags are a bit off this time.
ChefSquare = easy, SeaStr = easy-med and Qstring - med (considering O(log n) per query)

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alright, will take a look at it. thanks

Its in the medium section though @wittyceaser. So even if anybody practices heā€™ll find it in medium!

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Yup, I saw that but my intention was to address this issue on an overall basis and not just this problem.

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Yeah that works , thanks @kaushik_iiitd :smiley:


your solution fails for this test case
0 1 0
exp ans=0
your ans=-1
try returning 0 whenever value of a=0(there are definitely some cases regarding this as i was too stuck) since there is no need for further computation as deleting the entire first string and inserting the other would take 0 min operations

guys do some smart workā€¦ instead of pasting your entire code ā€¦ simply provide a link to your solutionā€¦ it will be more friendly to othersā€¦

Please update authorā€™s solution

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Please update authorā€™s and testerā€™s solutionā€¦

@admin When exactly you will be putting author and testerā€™s solution?

waiting for authors solutionā€¦


Waiting for authorā€™s, setterā€™s and editorialistā€™s solution, DAY 201

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