Specialisation suggestion 🤔

I have to choose only one specialization but i am confused!
Please suggest the best among 7 specializations,
( for CSE branch)

You can take Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Specialization as it is having more scope

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My personal suggestion would be data analytics

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Welcome :smile:

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But i have to choose only 1 among 7 options
Either AI and ML or Data analytics

I would suggest Cloud Computing because ML requires a lot of experience and study

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Hi, I have opted for B.Tech in CSE and I too am confused as to take which specialisation. Should I take pure CSE or go with some specialisation? Please help me!
P.S.: I would like to pursue something that’s related to coding and is creative, something that shall enable me to build things (eg: apps, websites, related to AI or deep learning, anything)
Also, it would be good for me if it contains less effort required in mathematics.

Then you’ll be left with 0 choices. :sweat_smile:

No, it’s not that I am not good at it or can’t handle maths, I was just trying to know if such options existed.:sweat_smile:
Can you tell me what should I go for?

I am not qualified enough to answer this. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh okay! Thanks for having a look at my question atleast.