Suggesting a feature

I want to suggest a feature.for now in a tag problem type and it’s difficulty is shown on problem page like (digit-dp,easy-medium).can there be any functionality to hide and show these things.thank you

4 Likes . Though it only shows the tags and not easy medium, but you can always sort according to submissions to get a little idea


I am talking about tags on a problem page.It kindda spoil the better not to show except author.

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I usually do one thing for that, it’s very easy, don’t scroll down so much. It’s anyways given in bottom, unlike codeforces which has it in right, so it’s not like you can accidentally see it. :wink:

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I can do one thing that I can implement an chrom extension for the same, if you guys want ; )

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That would be really helpful :grin:

I’ll do it, once I’ll be free and then will post the link.

Here’s the link for the extensions
Check that out : Chrome Extension to Hide Problem Tags