TCS NQT 2021 Digital Interview Results

What is your region in tcs? like which regional team contacted you for interview?

How do you know that u were rejected? Did u get any mail from them?

I am from Varanasi, North Delhi team contacted me.

This was on the homepage of nextstep

Greetings from TCS!

We regret to inform you that you have not cleared the TCS selection process.

We would like to thank you for your interest with TCS and wish you all the best for your future. In case of any query or clarification, you can connect with us at or 1800-209-3111 (Toll Free).

Note: As per the TCS eligibility criteria, you are eligible to reappear for the TCS selection process only after 6 months from the date of your previous unsuccessful attempt.

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Sorry for that bro
Keep trying, u will get a job soon…
All the best👍


I know around 4 people who got selected for digital interviews including me and all of them got rejected and guess what, all of them are in North Delhi Region!!

Didnt they even get ninja offer?

Not even Ninja? This is some bullshit from TCS. Did you try to contact them or anything else?
I had heard that they don’t hire many people from north India but this is unfair.

Hey, did they upload digital profile offer letters on the site? It’s taking ages for me to load the next step portal.

no, not yet I guess

I didn’t even got a digital interview call after the coding test…while my college final result is already declared .

Open in incognito, offer letter still not there

this rejection need not be due to your performance in NQT. It could be because you didn’t qualify all of their selection criteria. Hence don’t feel sad, You know you gave your 100%.

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no not yet updated

is anyone’s scorecard released for those who got their offer letter?

I have also attended tcs ninja on Dec 15 has any1 received the result . I am from Tamil nadu

UPDATE: Offer letter is now showing on nextstep portal please do accept it before 3 days from the date of getting it

i didnt receive anything, did you?

even south india bro, i swear it is bullshit

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My interview was on 25th nov. My other friends received selection and rejection mails also. Me and my one more friend haven’t received any mail of selection or rejection. We both are waiting for our results and all other students from college had received their mails. What does it mean? Panel Pune

Same here bro. 25 Nov; Pune panel; neither a mail for rejection or selection nor any update on next step website.