Techgig Code-Gladiators 2020 (winner -Himanshu Singh)

Yes Received just a while ago.
Much Waited Mail :grinning:

I also received it few minutes ago…but the sad part is Its online(this is best part too for the safety issues xD)

Yes It is both best and worse.
It’s best for our safety and If it would have happened Onsite then most of us couldn’t attend it.
And also Worse because it is not having at some Grand Venue which would be more fun.
Whole credit to COVID :joy::joy:

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I really want to attend it at onsite but Corona had some different plans XD

@chaudhary_19 @mk_joshi_27 Yes I got a mail too, See buddy if this finale is offline then u see how amazing it is , but sadly due to this fking corona :weary:

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I am literally sad for this, I wanna join the onsite event. But we can’t do anything …Enjoy!!!

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It is my first finale in a coding competition so I really wished to attend it onsite and after watching previous years videos on YouTube, I was eagerly waiting for onsite finals…
BUT , COVID :pray::frowning:

They could have postponed it to December😩

is the finals on 8th or 9th ? @ssrivastava990 can you please tell the timings and any other imp details.

It’s going on I just check my mail.

I don’t know where and when coding round take place.

Tomorrow 11AM

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I tried to attempt , their semi final round twice and both time ,my screen freezed, and i was unable to scroll over problems. I was unable to submit or read problems.

I too emailed them about the issue, they asked for some screenshot . I wonder what kind of screenshot ,i was supposed to email them for such issue. Video will be better .

Btw ,Can this be because of old hardware or weak processor? but mostly i attempt all my CP contests on that PC. And it works flawless .

I don’t understand what exactly is this event, is it a Hackathon or a coding competition, because in the finale lobby I can see Microsoft, IBM, etc exhibition. Can you please elaborate on this?

see today is finals for hackathon and tomorrow is fr coding round.

Also a reminder, Codevita for zone 1 has started.

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Oh, I see! So I participated in the coding competitions, that means my finale is tomorrow! Also were there any similar rounds for hackathon participants also? For example I gave two rounds before reaching finals .

Yes same for them too.

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I am new here and wanted to know that can I still register for the contest or contest inital rounds have already been conducted and I will have to wait for next year…

I am eagerly waiting to participate in any hackathon or CP competition;