To print a value like ''t rump''

to print a value like ‘‘t rump’’…

c++ —> cout << “t rump”;
Java —> System.out.print(“t rump”);
python —> print “t rump”;
shell —> echo “t rump”;
text —> t rump
java script —> document.write(“t rump”);

Can you post the link of the problem? such that I’ll be sure it is not from an ongoing contest of other platform /s :stuck_out_tongue:


no yar…input i want to take than…

I don’t get it.

If you want to take input like this, you can use “String” variable

eg: input…‘trump’
o/p… ‘t rump’

  1. Take the input as char array if you use c or c++
  2. Print the first character and then leave a space.
  3. Print the remaining characters.

i am using python…

Give a link to the problem or state the problem CLEARLY. We can’t help you otherwise.