Unexpected rating drop by CodeChef

After being turned a 4 star on codechef, I updated my resume and Linkedin accordingly and applied for few roles. Sadly to my notice, I see that codechef’s new algo has been giving me negative rating. Getting a “-15” despite securing a rank of 684, doesn’t seem fair ! :frowning:
For once I can agree that this might be a repurcussion of new EloMMr, fine !
But what will I answer my Interviewer if s/he states that you’ve mentioned yourself as a 4 star but that can nowhere be proved by ur codechef?

I hope cc admins will look into this matter at the earliest !
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Being asked why you lied in your resume about your codechef rating is an extremely easy curveball to catch. There are multiple posts about the rating changes in the forum. There are even spreadsheets posted by admins which user got their rating changed in which way.

If anything, you may have a disadvantage of not being invited to an interview if the interviewer misunderstands. But if you are invited, you have a big advantage because the worst lie they think you told is not a lie at all.


Can you give me Starters 50 Div 2 , hidden rating spreadsheet ?

you can find all updates here: Elo-MMR ratings go live on CodeChef! - #40 by admin

The file that you can download in that answer is about the rating changes that happened, I think, 1 day after the Starters 50 contest (which happened in the beginning of August 2022). I downloaded the file and looked up your name. Your rating changed from 1803 to 1786.

Hey @termii , see I got a rank of 418 in the last contest, yet my curr_elo rating is 1714 where it was 1745 previously, I dont get it , what better performance do they want, this was the best I performed. Incase this continues, despite brilliant performance I always get a decrease , this is an infinite trap. Leetcode contests are far better, atleast they value the participants with atleast +2/3 despite poor performance(occasionally).
Why isn’t codechef getting it that the ones who experienced unexpected rating surge have stopped giving contests and its just us whose ratings are being recalculated for the worst.
In fact even you haven’t given a single contest after Elo-MMR random rating ‘gameplay’.

Guess what … I got a global rank of 42 in July Lunchtime div 2 and got a -15 as well

This is why I hate code chef
never gonna give a contest now because my normal ranks are around 600-700 but if I am performing well and still getting a -15 … just doesn’t make sense give contests does it?

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Hey, I can feel that it was indeed an achievement !
Try addressing the issue on Linkedin, here in discuss @admin is least bothered.
In my opinion the EloMMR should be de-engineered as it is ineffective and useless !
Totally no words for your “-15” despite GR - 42 :frowning:

that is not correct. The list does not tell you your rating before the contest. You had 1745 after the contest and it was reduced to 1714, because codechef decided the newbie bonus was too big. These changes have nothing to do with the contest.
Your rating before the contest can be found in the file linked in this comment

Overall your elo-rating changes are:
1664 after Starters 47
1701 after July Lunchtime 2022
1745 after Starters 50
1714 after Newbie Bonus recalculation

I will give you the same list. You can get the same data from the 2 shared spreadsheets.
1702 after Starters 47
1793 after July Lunchtime 2022
1716 after Newbie Bonus recalculation

the reason you got a minus 15 is because the old rating was inflated for you. It tries to even out.

It is confusing to get minus 15 after a good contest but this is sadly how it is right now.