Unfair Codechef Ratings

It is not right to say that these people don’t even analyze plagiarism issues seriously. After plagiarism check, they mail both users to explain (and give 21 days time, AFAIK). And the condition is if any user does not have the copy of the other’s solution, then both of them are innocent (Like copying fast i/o from gfg). If they do not punish users who made code public (even by mistake), a large number of users may come up with this excuse if they are found in plagiarism. And since ideone is widely used, they warn about it on every contest page.

I remember @dpraveen spoke about this issue and even said that the ratings of May long would be adjusted for people whose ratings are dropped. But I think that wasn’t the case. Can you clarify @vijju123 if this idea was dropped or am I missing something?

Well, if you cant look into “Have I ticked the option to make my code private in ideone?” then dont expect us to look into yours. @schleppel is correct. Why publish your solution of a live contest? For others to copy?

@admin is working on this.

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I will inform if I get an update.

if there’s an issue, they’ll fix it.

They are given a chance to explain after the mail is sent.

it’s around 45-50 days since the rating decrease and still no solution. I doubt if @admin is considering this issue or not.

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Yeah, I understand that ! This is the biggest problem though, that Codechef should mention which plagiarism cases are due to multiple accounts ! Because it looks bad ! To a probable recruiter having multiple accounts is not an issue but Plagiarism may be !