Unofficial Editorials January Cook Off

Same here buddy. My entire time whooshed away in those if else. BTW, check out this solution, you might like it-

Here’s the simulation of first 7 days for your TC. Set dif = 0, count = 0,

Day 1:
diff = diff+10-8 = 2, count = 1

Day 2:
diff = 2+10-8 = 4, count = 2

Day 3:
diff = 4+10-8 = 6, count = 3

Day 4: diff = 6+10-8 = 8, count = 4

Day 5: diff = 8-8 = 0, count = 4 Your mistake, as you didn’t buy this day and later on concluded insufficiency of sweets.

Day 5: diff= 8+10-8 = 10, count = 5

Day 6: diff = 10+10-8 = 12, count = 6

Day 7: diff = 12-8 = 4, count = 6.

Hope this makes clear.

And to all who read this comment, if stuck in a simulation, use print statements to do all this. :wink:


Very much liked it @vijjju123 !! Just loving it…

A 200-line solution shoved under the nose of an innocent boy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Though your solution is nice one, it have a worse Time complexity of O(Slog(7*S)) while above mentioned solution has time complexity of O(S).

You can improve your check function to work in O(1) by a simple change, and even shorter code.


I think binary search is an overkill here. But well, Binary search is <3 .

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thanks alot @taran_1407

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Initially I waited for few mins before coding and then I saw multiple WAs,so I thought O(S) might be missing some corner cases. I was sure about BS solution,so implemented it :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, I was hunting for cakewalk problem in first few min my order was-

>Opened p4. ".....He asked to find the matrix? DEFINITELY NOT CAKEWALK"
>p5  has "graph" in it. Lol graph no cakewalk.
>Great array...hmmm. Might be. (2 min after reading the statement and thinking "Noo....please this be p4.....XD
>Multhree "YEAH This can be cakewalk!!" (Submitted a soln- got WA- "Hmm...Not cakewalk I guess lol")
>And finally chocoland lol.
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Happened with me too.

DP is in the air…

Nice solution @vivek_1998299

I think it was an overkill here btw thanks.

your solution fails too @vijju123 :smiley:

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Lmao yeah XD. If anything, my solutions always find something in the cook off :3 . The most hilarious was, when my brute force got accepted in p3 XD (I think @kingofnumber was the setter of that one)

Its not hard to miss :confused:

Invitation threads, by default, are feedback threads as well. :slight_smile:

more than 75% solutions of SURVIVIE would have failed if only the corner cases were designed properly.

Yup, I did expected a corner case somewhere on lines of not buying on sunday giving -1. But I think those cases also have N<K or some other condition which made them weaker- and hence lack of an individual case with this feature alone.

BTW, do discuss that in feedback thread, the setter will value your insight surely.

Didn’t get that.

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It fails on the corner case of “9 8 10” where it should print -1. Lucky that cases were weak :stuck_out_tongue:

@vivek_1998299 could you explain that in a bit simpler way …for noobs like me .