Update go version

dear @admin , please update the go compiler version. The current one which codechef uses is very old which misses on some latest additions.


Go 1.18 got generics support and this is a long awaited major language feature.

Dear @admin,
As already mentioned, currently used go version in codechef is pretty old “go1.7.4” and hence missing a lot of features. Would request you to please update the same.



First, I have to say that this site is chaotic. Like, if you go to the main Practice page and start working on a few problems that are within a previously-run contest, you should be able to click on the contest name and navigate to that page, no? Is that bad UX or something?

Anyway, after running the following script, it looks like Go is still at version 1.7.4.

package main

import (

func main(){
	fmt.Printf("Go version: %s\n", runtime.Version())

I don’t understand what the delay is. Go is an open-source platform and using anything below 1.14 is pretty silly. The language is the driving force behind Docker and Kubernetes – arguably, two pretty important application development tools – so it’s not going away anytime soon. There is really no reason not to upgrade the current version. Go is constantly bugging me to upgrade and for good reason: the evolution of the language means better compilation, better optimizations, and better features.

But, there are reasons for upgrading: user loss. I’m okay not using CodeChef after having just signed up a few days ago. I like programming with Go and expect a fairly-recent version to be available on any platform that bills itself as a code challenge site.

How about this idea: Add a newer version, but still keep the old one. Just label each subsequent addition with the major and minor version number (e.g. - GO 1.7, GO 1.18).

Your users are speaking to you and asking for something so simple, it should take a few minutes to implement. Everyone is a winner with a Go upgrade.

Hey @markmoretto, I’ve finally moved to LeetCode. It ticks most of my requirements.

It’s been updated to a newer version - Compilers Update - 2022