Use this for anything related to plagiarism - Reporting cheating, appeals, etc

March Cook-Off 2022 Division 4
Same submissions for Fixed Weight Problem

They don’t even care to remove the comment: "pls change variables avoid copy paste"

These students have cheated in the Codechef starters contest 28. They have same solution, just changes the variables. Please look into the matter.

  1. Solution: 60036414 | CodeChef
  2. Solution: 60033830 | CodeChef
  3. Solution: 60033477 | CodeChef
  4. Solution: 60030809 | CodeChef

Similarly, these users have similar solution

  1. Solution: 60026525 | CodeChef
  2. Solution: 60007489 | CodeChef
  3. Solution: 60013208 | CodeChef

It will be helpful, if you can tell us about the status of report.

this looks sus

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Solution: 60037421 | CodeChef this too

Over 300 people submitted successfully for problem 4 in Codechef Starters 29 (div2) in the last 10 minutes. This happens every time in every contest, are CodeChef doing something about it?
These type of instances deeply demotivates people who are trying hard to improve their ratings.


We understand your concern, and we are running regular plagiarism checks to catch the cheaters. If you come across any specific instances, please email them to

Additionally, to find the number of cheaters we’ve caught so far in each contest, you can check out this thread: Updates on curtailing plagiarism

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Hey @admin look at these two solution and
from codechef starter 31, looks exactly same to me. They just changed the variable. The guy @lucif_3r 's one of the account was banned due to continuous plaig in multiple contest yet he is cheating again. Have a look at these submissions.

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All of these 3 solutions are the same and in the last one i.e is by lucif_3r the variable names are changed extensively

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@humourously_69 you are wasting your time my friend , CheaterChef (sorry Codechef) only want traffic in their website , they don’t care in which way it comes . You keep on posting these cheaters’ solutions but the good for nothing admins will not give you any response for sure.


for this problem : Contest Page | CodeChef

in recent starters 31 contest in first three pages of all submissions during contest all these submissions are made in last minutes are all same.
Please look into this issue.


man woke up and choose violence​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

So basically this entire college is cheating. Totally another level of thing.

This was the first time only so please don’t take it that way and also they all have been plaigirised for the same. Also i am deleting the post because the purpose of reporting and getting plaigirised is served. just to avoid any hatred.

Hey. Anybody suspect cheating in the April Long challenge (APRIL22D) Div 4? Until last night, the last question of the contest had only 5 submissions with accuracy of 0.47. This morning, it has already gathered over 100+ submissions and almost all of them seem to be from one institute(which i will not name but is open for anybody to go see for themselves in the contest rank) . I think it is a little fishy and event organisers should look into this. Also i don’t know if this is the right place to raise this issue but i have mailed to as well but since the contest ends in just a few hours, i wanted to get it looked into asap.

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after April long challenge ended I tried to check for soln to questions I couldn’t solve… and to my surprise, every solution I clicked to open was identically the same. and I don’t know if they are robots or how their minds work in such a similar fashion. Its a mystery for me now, hope someone can enlighten me why I can think like them and solve the problem in such an identical manner.


Hey. I posted a message just before yours and there are over 100+ students from the same university with exact same code as you pointed out. Hope actions are taken against them

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bro even I didn’t solved it my rank was 10 and when I checked after 2 pm in just 1 hour my rank went straight to 48 i was troubled by the minmax problem but seriously what is the point of cheating . its really hurts when someone just leaks the solutions long challenges are like a marathon meant to train our brains for the short ones but novice programmers tend to overlook that small detail and commit these things . i can understand it takes a whole day to figure out some corner cases and then suddenly whiplash and 50 similar submissions in just few minutes…it really breaks the moral…

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how did you know that they have been penalised ? I want to know the procedure can you tell me

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yeah sure… so basically whenever you come across people whom you think have cheated in contest, You need to post their submissions here itself or you can mail it to codechef help id they will surely take the necessary action .Nowadays codechef plag check has become good so most of the cheaters fall into their radar.

Here are some of the few codes which I have found to be totally same but their rating is not deducted. These people have submitted the last problem exactly the same or have changed the variables only, so that they can achieve global rank 1 in the contests.

Due to these kinds of people our rating gets affected very much. So, I request you to give a penalty of 275 points as soon as possible or permanently delete their account if they indulge in many such cases.