Use this for anything related to plagiarism - Reporting cheating, appeals, etc

“Indian tourist’s” - I hope its just a coincidence

As This Thread was closed, same thing here

Please prove me wrong
There was a forum discussion where people were talking about last hour plagiarism of long challenge.

The submissions which were being talked about, i did a little analysis, and it lead me to one place
thats this -

Same pattern could be found here-

The names (not username) of students are their roll numbers. Lets assume college promotes CP and monitors and motivates student.

Leave students out, check out the professors account, all have been done in last 1 hour.
But Let assume , since they are professors they have big brains and can pull this of. But still you should have a look.

‘Indian Tourist 1’ has multiple accounts-

Just wanted to know your views.

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so the rating have been updated and my rank was still the same. i was hoping it would get better when the cheaters were banned. :frowning:

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please review his profile he has very mysterious behavior he submits in last hour of each long challenge and his code template changes in every long challenge

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I really don’t get , what’s wrong with codechef:

  • Long challenges with mass cheating.
  • Rank publishing before catching plagiarism .
  • Unbalanced short contests for DIV2.

What do you want to do , there are already very few students who want to do competitive programming seriously in India, and codechef wants to demotivate them too.

Even after 10+ year of operating this site, some basic issues are not being handled properly.


This is regarding attributes mentioning, I referred to a code on minimum spanning tree , and also gave attributes as comments in my code as topic name and website name but I haven’t mentioned the site address, So will this be marked for plagiarism too?

@admin from our heart please accept one request , please do not make rating changes untill MOSS caught cheaters and updated ranklist either it take 10 or 20 days but please do not update , this is too much , sometimes it’s really frustrating and sad because users just cheat and then show off like they did very well and so much of hard work blah blah blah … Please consider this request , the genuine users have no issue with this ( I hope so) .

Sorry, that’s just not feasible, as the MOSS process, even in the best case scenario takes many weeks to complete.


Then do something else please because if this type of thing is going on , very bad for community , also one suggestion separate long ratings with total combined rating , and increase at least 2 short contest more .

Also , on each question if possible please write on top / bottom in RED color that CC takes very serious actions against those who cheat , at least 30 to 40% cheating will be less.

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I don’t understand why people are so much obessed with the rating, & also with the cheaters. Those who are cheating they are actually harming themself. Just leave them sooner or later they will understand. Codechef need to take care of lots of thing instead of just caring for cheaters.


So atlast you have understood after plagiarism 6 times.


Ofc yes.

Bruh its not only me many people out here uses multi accounts . I’m just smurfing on other one

i am not a big fan of reporting accounts for plag

but today i saw something weird

this guy

posted on linkedln about his great achievement during the contest but on seeing his solutions one can easily find that they all those "copied " solution(modified very smartly) which we have seen throughout the day …it gets more weird when i came to find that this guy is not even from IIT bombay he is just from college in UP… this is quite stupid of people to boast about themselves like this on social media

These are few of the many solutions for ADDSQURE in OCT Long Challenge 2020, that were submitted mere minutes before the end of the contest i.e. 3 P.M. on 12th of October.

All of them, many of them 3 stars and 4 stars coders, have submitted the exact same code!

It’s really disappointing that everyone’s running behind ratings when all of it is about learning. 11 7 3 6 2 6 2 3 2 2 2 1 3 3 2 2 1 2 1 1

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all these students are from my college IIT BHU and have copied the exact same code of ADDINGSQUARE from some unknown source.
here is their submission link:

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There are 234 more solutions which have exactly same code. Thie solution was mass leaked.

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I want to report a group of people with proof of their solutions submitted who have been coping codes and solving together only for the sake of increase their ratings while we all who are participating in a minimal amount but due to these cases of cheating our rating is not increasing as much it should be. Sharing the solutions of some who just started their coding journey with plagiarism and some who are doing this for a long time
Please put these in the link after for viewing the code
Here some of the solutions in October Long term Challenge:-


##Positive AND

Replace for X

see properly only name of one function or max one or two lines are changed.

Adding Squares


D-Dimensional MST


these are only of some but there are many more so please take an action among all who are cheating and make it fare for us to participate in the future challenges.

Global rank 15. gg

Yeah :woozy_face::woozy_face: