Vote for Best Codechef Problems of 2016


  1. ASTRD : interesting 3D geometry problem with a simple but nice insight
  2. QUEHEA : seemed difficult at the first sight but got simpler after analyzing behavior of graph
  3. LCPMAX : nice variation of string hashing

  1. AMAEXPER : Nice tree problem
  2. SHAIKHGN : Taught me optimization


1.BGQRS : Taught me how segment tree works but I still struggle with this


I will uptove ASTRD. And further throw in MGCHGEOM because I learned way too much while working on this and spent pretty much the entirety of 3 days on it. TULIPS was another one that took a long time but again taught me a lot.


Thumbs Up if you want more of such initiatives.

I would Love to see Best Problems to solve to clear your concept of a specific topic

  1. [POLYEVAL][1]
  2. [FRIEMEET][2]
  3. [KIRLAB][3]

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I voted for the following 3 problems (for the following reasons):

  • CHNBGMT: I learnt a new lemma which was needed in order to solve this problem 100%.
  • CHEFPOL: It seemed hard when I first looked at it, but the code ended up being so short and easy to write.
  • BOUNCE: Hard number theory problem; even after having the right idea, I had to do lots of algorithmic and low-level optimizations to make my solution run in time (sadly there’s no editorial for it, yet).

PS: I already edited the question to assign votes to these problems.


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@pkacprzak Thanks for making such discussion! I really learned new approach and strategy from these up voted problems.


Great! Can you add them to the list as I suggested in the rules? That way we can keep it up to date.


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can you add them to the problem list above by editing it?


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+1 for ASTRD :slight_smile:


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