What are the "must known" algorithms for online programming contests?

You can refer to this link.

you can refer this link

nice work. really helpful ^-^

nice work. really helpful ^-^

It will be great if we can build on this to give links of useful resources against each algorithm and also mention problems which require these algorithms to be solved.


@admin nice thought…it will be very very helpful :slight_smile:

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@admin: Great suggestion. Will do when I have time :wink:


Should we make this as a community wiki and people can keep adding and editing it there? The down side is that the votes that you have gathers will be lost. Or we can create another community wiki with the contents of this thread and the community can edit it there. What say?


@admin: Please do, I don’t mind those votes as long as it will help the community ;).


@admin: Although many of the things listed above are covered in society like Topcoder, codeforce as well there are content available at the internet too. The more detail list is available at (http://www.codechef.com/getting-started -> List of Topics for programming Competitions). Again if the things are missing and we have better solutions, we can write it under the tutorial section in codechef.

I have added link to my tutorial about point 3 on the original post… If you find it good enough feel free to add it to codechef for schools page as well! It would be an honor :smiley:

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Added link to point 12 :slight_smile:

Great job!

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We still have much more to do :smiley:
And me, personally, I have way much more to learn :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m bringing this back up to let you all know that I will use my own problem, MARBLESGF to write a tutorial on BIT/Fenwick Trees :slight_smile: I will post it when its complete and also provide link here :smiley:

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Google “Codechefs new karma system” and go through the list.

Awesome compilation of all stuff in one place, appreciate everyone’s hardwork :slight_smile:

please if you have any such link. Then please provide me