when will acm icpc 2017 online results will be published?????



Hello Community!
Our team had overall rank near 1200 and college rank 4th. We are 2nd on both the sites we registered for. If the team above us on one of the sites doesn’t register for that site do we have any chance?


train ka ticket bhi nahi milega late se …abhi sab waiting ho chuka hai!!!
general mein 2 days travel karne mein bahut dikkat hoga


I still don’t understand why codechef has disabled access to the ranklist of the online round. Please enable the ranklist at least.


CodeChef should at least make the rankings visible and maybe, even publish the site wise rankings as soon as possible. We also have to make train reservations accordingly. It’s around 10 days after the contest and there has been no official statement on what and how exactly are you guys even dealing with those teams who have cheated or have got some issues with the second and third problem.


Team rank 1701 and college rank is 1.What are the chances of getting in at Kolkata-Kanpur onsite?


Well, if everybody is asking…what is the probability of getting selected at team rank 71 and college rank 2nd in amritapuri and 3rd in kolkata-kanpur? :stuck_out_tongue:


What is the probability of getting acm results within 24 hours?xD


On what basis Kolkata- kanpur region will allot seats for kolkata and kanpur centre seperatly?


Hello guys
Our team status is
College Rank - 20
Kolkata/Kanpur rank in our college - 2
Overall - 936
Any possibility?


I just got this reply from help@codechef.com

“The results will be announced soon and you will be notified about it.”

Don’t know what that means :stuck_out_tongue:
I expected a date.


My team rank is 623 and we are third from our college.

For chennai we are first

For amrita we are second

What are our chances for each of the two regionals


I think its delayed as they are not able to fix up the internal error issue and they only have the flawed and unfair ranklist, and don’t know what to do now!
Otherwise I don’t see how it can take 10+ days for plagiarism check and error fix.


My team rank is 307 and college rank 19. In kolkata/kanpur college rank-6 amrita college rank-10. Are there any chances? Btw why is selection not merit-wise and this weird college rank system:(


I got a message from codechef on facebook saying- “They will be announced by respective regional sites by the end of this week.”


What’s the reason behind selecting one team from every college? Doesn’t it degrade the quality of teams? Its very frustrating :frowning:


Kolkata Site has updated date for publication of result as Nov 16, 6 PM, check icpckolkata


It has been 10 days since the contest and it is a sincere request @admin that please announce the results. People who have registered very far from their hometown or college city need to get their tickets done and I hope you do know how tough it is to get a confirmed ticket in India.

EDIT 1-Date has been shifted now from 16th to 17th NOV now. Are they doing manual judging or what?

EDIT 2-Following Results have been declared as on 17th November 10 PM IST

Kharagpur: http://acm.iitkgp.ac.in/selectedforonsite_2017.pdf

Kolkatta/Kanpur Multisite: http://icpckolkata.in/teams-selected-for-onsite-round/

Amritapuri: https://icpc.amrita.ac.in/2017/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/selectedteams.pdf

Still waiting for Gwalior and Chennai Site.


I asked CodeChef on Facebook. They replied that the results will be out by the end of the week and the ranklist will be made visible around that time. :slight_smile:


Any update from the amritapuri official site ?


News from Kolkata-kanpur Center,
Result of Preliminary Online Contest will be announced at 6:00 PM on 16th November, 2017.
Lets hope it won’t shift any further.