why do I get run time error (SIGEMT) ?

I guess its not so lame at all…worked for me

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I defined N, then took its array and then assigned N’s value.
I instead should have assigned N’s value before making the array!

it worked man, Noice!

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we just have to give an initial value to the all int while declaring .
eg: int x ; //this can give error
eg: int x=0; //this wont


Try running code on local compiler and then import the code. Worked for me !

For my case, I spent 1.5 hours debugging this. I realised that I didn’t input one of the testcase and the compiler was waiting for me to submit the input!

i m taking live contest …now what i do?

am having same problem for question 1 for c++ what to do?

thanks bro you are real genious man
i am trying this from 2 days
and now its gone because of you;
thanks bro thank you very much

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thanks! it worked.

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Thank You Sir.
This is really helpful.

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thanks bro @tshrahul66
it really works

there is no region why we have to define before main fun! CodeChef please provide an answer for this. I waste a lot of my time because of this error which does not make any sence

i also got same error because i was trying to initialize array with size that i am taking at run time and the i just initialized them in a wrong order.
Like this example:
int cases;
int size;
int a[size];

now since i am taking size during runtime i cannot initialize the array with that variable.
it will give error during run time;

You guys also check again whether you are trying to allocate memory in such manner.

Yes worked for me as well, thanks

It really worked . Thank you @tshrahul66

yeahhhh, it worked now

Yes, my code was working with the custom input but without custom input, it was giving SIGEMT error.
I just want to say if your code is working FINE with the custom input and you are CONFIDENT about your code then hit the SUBMIT button.