Why is it partially correct after 100 points?


alt text

This is the submission link, which shows 100/0 and partially correct. Please fix this bug.


This bug is back, this time on a separate page:

Partially Correct

@admin Please see into the bug!

@admin @vijju123 Has this been solved, or no one paid attention to this post?

This happens with me too. And yes, probably no one has paid attention to this post.

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@vijju123 or @aryanc403 or any other mod, kindly notify admin about this.

(Waiting for my bug-bounty laddoos :P. Just kidding :wink: )

Please ping me on email for urgent bugs as well. Cannot expect a poor mod to go ever each post on discuss :stuck_out_tongue:

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Define poor here @vijju123. I completely sympathize : )

This happens frequently with me too . Please code chef solve this bug ASAP.

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Wtf. When did I became mod here?

You’ve got fans :smile: maybe they want you to become a mod

This happens with me with every question having subtasks. @vijju123 please look into this, 2 of them were submitted more than a week ago, still it shows as partially correct in account, except it shows correct answer in the table after submit.

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This is already the 6th program that is not getting marked as completed
@vijju123 please do something about this asap

The devs know of this issue. I cannot do anything more than this.


Same problem here!