Why June Long Challenge is rated Only for DIV 3

I believe codechef is trying to figure out from what division do most people cheat. They get this density thing straight, they can take appropriate decisions like “Which division should not have long challenge?” and as such. I am not sure, but this seems like the reason.


This is a big bummer for me. I was really looking forward to this month’s challenge. It was my first chance to attend since finishing grad school last month. I even completed the first two problems before realizing it won’t count for anything…

@admin This isn’t a permanent decision thing is it?

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People who were “very excited” to give long challenge, and their excitement vanished after seeing that the contest is unrated for them, then to get their excitement back, they can just delete their current account, and create a new one, to make the contest rated for themselves and get excited again.


haha I actually thought about it since I’ve only done 3 competitions on this account

july challenge is also rated for div 3

Maybe CodeChef is trying to make it a permanent decision (which is not a good idea)

I think it’s a great idea, attaining 5 stars won’t be a cakewalk anymore if this happens to be a permanent decision.


Ya that’s so true …

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@cubefreak777 Is there any criteria to become a problem setter in CodeChef?

no, anyone can submit problem

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But they only take your problems seriously if you have atleast 4 stars I think.

I think I’ve seen Problems (for official contests) from Setters with less than 4 stars before, but the guidelines do indeed state something similar:

Note: If you are applying for becoming a new problem setter in CodeChef, and we don’t know you personally and there isn’t a problem setter of CodeChef who can vouch for your skills, then you must satisfy at least one of the below criteria for getting your problem setter application considered.

  • 4* or more in CodeChef
  • Div 1 in CodeForces or Topcoder.
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I think this rule was before announcement. Few months back ashishgup posted an announcement about Call for problem setters. After that I think there is no restriction

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Nope, if your problem is interesting then ofc admin will approve it.

Almost all problems sent by me were rejected by um_nik. So, you can’t say they take 4 stars seriously.

So, if this is the decision for tackling cheating in long contests. Then more short contests should happen will regular timing