Why these rating updates are so weired?

In recent Starter(Div 2) I got 29 rank. My previous rating was 1901 my rating increased by 41.
There was some other participant he also got 29 rank his previous rating was 1913 his rating increased by 108. Why is it so @admin ?


yeah i dont uderstand this new rating system in cc. in div4 i got 157 rank and i just got +3 but in top 20 many of them got 980+,950+,900+ for 18-25 people and many of them directly went to 4* and 5* from 1*. also for some users got 600+,750+ delta changed . like that some of them got 200+,350+ rating increased… any many of the cc users got single digit increment if this continue’s like this by not increasing my rating correctly,heavily decreasing … it’s purely partiality … if this continues then just allow only 10 users to participate in contest… by this worst rating system i lost intrest in CP and from now onwards i don’t use CC. please like this and react else cc website is for no use…


Same bro I also dont like CC ,just giving contests to write rating in my CV. If you want to learn just move to CF ,solve gfg leetcode or CSES. In CC many times the whole contest is about XOR. Nothing to learn. CF is much better.


It’s just the migration between two different rating systems that’s causing these artifacts in the short-term. Check the spreadsheet linked at the end of this blog post to see your actual new rating.

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