Wrongly Caught in plagiarism

She has taken the look. She is looking over the matter. Its hard to give a time because her job can take more time than expected (deciding some cases takes time.). But your query is noted, dont worry.

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@vijju123 can you please forward my request.

It was already done two-three days ago. I will update once she replies.

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Can anyone tell that are we allowed to use that template or not?

Fast I/O template never caused the issue. Rules allow to use codes which have been put on net before contest.

PS: She just messaged me that shes looking into your request now. If MOSS caught you just due to template, then sit back and chill, its codechef’s headache to restore your submission once you gave your arguments.

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How much more time will it take to update ratings?I mean its really being too long.Please @admin update it fast…


I am glad it worked. I reminded her again this morning, perhaps she got fed up from my persistence? :stuck_out_tongue: :3 XD

Thanx mate!!

@vijju123, bro where can i find rule book for plagiarism? i am very much confused about it

Its just the contest rules at the end of contest page afaik.