ZCO Programming "Environment"

I am writing the ZCO this year. Last year I had a lot of trouble with using the “environment”/platform, specifically with debugging my programs and checking them against the test cases.
Could anyone who knows more about how to do such things with the environments provided (mentioned below) for C++ please explain how to code in those environments?
Thanks in advance.

Environments (C++):
Code::Blocks OR CLion

Code::Blocks AND Clion

Ubuntu ONLY

Sorry for being unclear - I meant that both are available and the participant can choose.

Could you explain how to do debugging, testing programs against test cases, etc. if you have experience using these?

You can debug in ides, right?

The same ide will be given, You can debug in the IDE only


These ides will be given :point_up_2:

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What about testing test cases? We were given input and output files and we had to test them using some command prompt-sort of thing.

Suppose you got WA on some test cases and you don’t know why you are getting the wrong answer, then you can download the test cases and see for which test cases you have gone wrong and then you can correct your code
You can check the test cases in your IDE ( you can debug if it not huge values )

Thanks :slight_smile: ( Like my posts, if you found them useful :slight_smile: )

Actually I meant that I don’t know how to run the downloaded test cases.

Read the instructions at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kSK6oN8ikRiVCZ-CR1zGtulQ47sf7Gk33lvLlAR-M9A/edit?usp=sharing

Make sure you use diff command with ‘-w’ flag

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