ZCO Scholarship Contest 2019

When will be ZCO Scholarship Contest 2019 winners will be announced I got rank of 103 and the rank list includes students from college and schools. The rank list will be updated further for first-time participants of the school student or it is the final rank list.

Thanks in advance

I got the scholarship for ZCO EXAM I got the notification on 6th November.

I dont know when will the winners be announced and I got 95 rank including college as well as more than first time participants lets see when codechef announces rhe results

I also got a mail regarding the scholarship today :smiley:

I’ve got the scholarship e-mail. Its from a legitimate codechef.com email. But they’re asking for bank details on a Google Form. It this good practices for receiving such data?

google only makes an online form all the details filled are maintained by codechef only.
codechef does not want to make any form so they used google forms
google forms have a written agreement regarding the privacy of data. so it is worth trusting on google forms


I’ve submitted my details.