ZIO Question help

Here’s the link of the question paper. I need the explanation for the solution of Question #1.

I am taking participation in ZIO for the first time and I have no clue for solving the ZIO previous year question paper. So please suggest me some topics related to mathematics and Programming which I must know to solve these questions.

Please help me out!

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In ZIO you don’t need any mathematics or programming. Mathematics uptil class 8 or 9 are enough for ZIO. Neither do you need any idea of programming.
There are 2 ways which I do these ZIO problems:

  1. Think of a logic, and logically find out the answer.
  2. Do it manually (takes me an hour to solve one question)

So its better to think of a logic and find out the answer.

You should start with 2002, it has explanations along with the answers. The others is just about practice.

For the first question, I can give you in the form of hints:

Hint 1

The logic is related to Lowest Common Multiple.

Hint 2

Take any number of integers whose sum is n. Note, the number of integers can be greater than 2 too.

Hint 3

The answer will be L.C.M of the numbers. Thus, to maximize the answer, you maximize the L.C.M.


Thanks for the hints, I was able to solve it with those hints you gave. But when I start solving ZIO questions it feels to me that I am taking too much time to crack the logic for a single question (approximately 50 min ) and sometimes I can’t even crack a logic. Please tell me how should I improve myself.

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Learn combinatorics and sometimes manual DP also helps in ZIO problems

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Can you please suggest a resource to understand these two topics as an absolute beginner?

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1.for combinatorics the key is practice-solve math olympiad combinatorics

2.DP- https://www.topcoder.com/community/competitive-programming/tutorials/dynamic-programming-from-novice-to-advanced

for other things you can look over here-https://www.codechef.com/certification/data-structures-and-algorithms/prepare

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Thanks for these two links they seem to cover everything I need to know but for the combinatorics as I said I am a beginner I need to know some basic knowledge about it before practicing the questions related to it.

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