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CHONQ: time complexity of method

Due to the floor function many values will remain the same. Thus values will for $a_{i}$ will only have to be recomputed after an interval.

$$a_{n} = x. \left\lfloor\dfrac{a_{n}}{x}\right\rfloor+r$$ $$a_{n} = (x-1). \left\lfloor\dfrac{a_{n}}{x}\right\rfloor+\left(r+1.\left\lfloor\dfrac{a_{n}}{x}\right\rfloor\right)$$ $$a_{n} = (x-2). \left\lfloor\dfrac{a_{n}}{x}\right\rfloor+\left(r+2.\left\lfloor\dfrac{a_{n}}{x}\right\rfloor\right)$$ $$a_{n} = (x-3). \left\lfloor\dfrac{a_{n}}{x}\right\rfloor+\left(r+3.\left\lfloor\dfrac{a_{n}}{x}\right\rfloor\right)$$ $$.$$ $$.$$ $$.$$ $$a_{n} = (x-m). \left\lfloor\dfrac{a_{n}}{x}\right\rfloor+\left(r+m.\left\lfloor\dfrac{a_{n}}{x}\right\rfloor\right)$$

This will be valid until the remainder is less than the divisor, thus for the next $ m$ iterations the value dosent have to be updated. $$\therefore x-m\leq r+m.\left\lfloor\dfrac{a_{n}}{x}\right\rfloor $$ $$\therefore \dfrac{x-r}{\left\lfloor\dfrac{a_{n}}{x}\right\rfloor +1}\leq m$$

I used a vector of vectors, where the $i^{th}$ index points to the list of values that are to be updated on the $i^{th}$ iteration. So once u compute m , you can append the index of the person in the $(i+m)^{th}$ position on this array.

link to my solution
can someone please help me with the time complexity of this method?

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