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[closed] Do the top 5 contributors of the month get Codechef goodies?

I was amongst the top 5 contributors of September month (2nd) and I have not recieved any mail regarding a goodie.

asked 22 Oct '14, 09:16

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closed 23 Oct '14, 14:54

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Yeah even i never knew about this? Do they really get?

(22 Oct '14, 15:46) tech_boy2★

Yes, you do get a T Shirt :) Check your spam folder for a mail from CodeChef regarding this.

(22 Oct '14, 15:51) wittyceaser2★

Hey ketanhwr, you can read about all the goodies CodeChef gives here:

(22 Oct '14, 16:51) admin ♦♦0★

The question has been closed for the following reason "The question is answered, right answer was accepted" by tech_boy 23 Oct '14, 14:54

I was among the top contributor for the month of JUNE! Even i did not get a mail!! :P

Just wait bro! Seems like they are bit busy with the ICPC stuffs and all!

Keep Calm and Contribute


answered 22 Oct '14, 15:01

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@wittyceasar:yea...i checked! I will wait till the ICPC things are over! after that i will mail them! :) Anyway that is not a big deal!

(22 Oct '14, 16:08) bipin23★

Usually it takes some time. Goodies are dispatched to winners on the 10th of the next month after they have provided their email address and confirmed their identity. An email is sent to the winner regarding this (which usually goes to the spam folder) and they have to respond within 7 days . This link will guide you about what to do in case of missing goodies link here. Hope this helps.


answered 22 Oct '14, 12:53

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Hello, I was among 5 contributors in both july and june.I got a mail asking for my Tshirst size,address,.....2 times from codechef.But I didn't receive any goodie from codechef yet .....!!


answered 23 Oct '14, 01:04

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edited 23 Oct '14, 01:08

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