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[closed] Karma farming again

Copying from the mail that I send to codechef-

Please do something about this issue. Almost, every month I raise this question on the discuss forum but nothing happens. Lots of people just ask their friends to upvote all their answers in the discuss forum. And how can u except a person to upvote all the answers of the other person in a few seconds.

This just shows that they r doing unethical karma farming. For example, this month, @ardentcoder got almost all his upvotes from - @shivamk30013 ,@mkbod and @stevegeek123 and as you can see some similarities that -
1. Laddus were given to these upvoters by @ardentcoder himself so they can give him karma.
2. They just upvoted in a matter of few seconds.
It is also possible that he only created all those accounts.
This is very unfair to us.

Same with @marshal_roxx. @abhi_shakes and @marshalspriya upvoted all his answers.

@marshal_roxx and @ardentcoder If you didn't know about this issue, then I have no problems against you but make sure that you un-upvote all answers back because this is strictly forbidden to ask your friend or create a different account and upvote all ur answers for laddus.

asked 20 Apr '17, 22:09

mathecodician's gravatar image

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closed 25 Apr '17, 19:14


Agree with you.

(20 Apr '17, 22:14) adhish_kapoor3★

And now it seems that these people are un-upvoting the answers of mine that they upvoted. Just to tell you guys, I don't do this for laddus or else I would have cheated like you. Although karma is a motivation.

(20 Apr '17, 22:17) mathecodician6★

I have un-upvoted them for your information . from now on , keep in mind whether you are wrongly accusing someone . all these things don't quite go with me . REGARDS

(20 Apr '17, 23:50) marshal_roxx3★

I have mentioned this in the last line that if you have not done anything, then I have no problem.

(20 Apr '17, 23:53) mathecodician6★

It seems that @admin found out the things that @ardentcoder was doing wrong and @marshal_roxx was not doing wrong and was not the culprit so they suspended @ardentcoder and not @marshal_roxx. Thanks @admin. Good decision of yours.

(21 Apr '17, 14:22) mathecodician6★

Please try not to ask question like this, it just creates a mess around the forum. It's good that you are reporting cheaters, but please just directly report them to admin, or close the suspected question and answer if you have required reputation.

You have a good reputation in this forum I think you can directly close questions can't you?

You are doing a great job, your graph explains.

(25 Apr '17, 13:53) neget2★

closed it.

(25 Apr '17, 14:28) mathecodician6★

Karma farming start mid of every month, there should be some method that prevents karma farming just like stackoverflow, in stackoverflow one cannot upvote until he has atleast 50 points

(25 Apr '17, 16:44) neilit19923★

There are restrictions. One cannot upvoye till he has 20 karma. But the cheaters give upovtes to their other accounts so they can just upvote more.

(25 Apr '17, 19:03) mathecodician6★
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The question has been closed for the following reason "User requested" by mathecodician 25 Apr '17, 19:14

In any case, such kind of behaviors should not be happening ... not saying that I believe on this topic from first instance, but looking yesterday about this thing of karma points and contributions, I noted that something is going to the wrong directions... simply there are some people more involved with being in the Top Contributors of the Month than really help others with their answers.

I guess that eventually up-voting the topics and post of your friends is like some kind of natural behavior too, is impossible to fight with that from this point of view... but when there is a common pattern with the same users for several month and they are always doing the same... it´s enough reason for feeling bad and sad.


answered 21 Apr '17, 14:52

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answered 21 Apr '17, 15:37

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edited 21 Apr '17, 15:39

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answered 21 Apr '17, 08:55

newone123's gravatar image

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I can't ask questions on the forum. Please upvote


answered 21 Apr '17, 21:32

hugewarriors's gravatar image

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done. Now u can ask questions.

(21 Apr '17, 21:33) mathecodician6★
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answered 20 Apr '17, 22:56

marshal_roxx's gravatar image

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OK good that you don't have any bad intentions but then tell them to un-upvote ur answers except the ones that really helped them.

(20 Apr '17, 22:58) mathecodician6★

okay but how to do it ??

(20 Apr '17, 23:03) marshal_roxx3★

Tell your friends to un-upvote you.

(20 Apr '17, 23:07) mathecodician6★

they ain't my friends dude . anyways i urge you two @abhi_shakes and @marshalspriya to kindly un-upvote any comments or posts that you upvoted as any courtesy to me .

(20 Apr '17, 23:11) marshal_roxx3★

But if they ain't your friends then why didn't they upvote other people who also helped them ask questions like @sunil5798 and @hemanth_1. Also, they give him karma to ask before you.

(20 Apr '17, 23:23) mathecodician6★

okay ... how can i know bro ... u are going in altogether different direction ... I upvoted them for the first time when they were short of even 3 karma points . May be , that could be the reason . Ans for your sake , they have un-upvoted my several threads ... i can see my points going down .

(20 Apr '17, 23:35) marshal_roxx3★
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@mathecodician @vijju123
Just noticed a temporary change in rating.


answered 20 Apr '17, 23:00

adhish_kapoor's gravatar image

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Even I noticed that.

(20 Apr '17, 23:02) mathecodician6★

same here ... any idea why ?? has it been restored ??

(20 Apr '17, 23:02) marshal_roxx3★

Yes we did notice it too! I was shocked!

(20 Apr '17, 23:03) vijju123 ♦♦5★

Must be checking plagiarism.

(20 Apr '17, 23:05) adhish_kapoor3★

now ratings are restored to the initial value

(20 Apr '17, 23:12) marshal_roxx3★

guys, please upvote me. i am new here. nad not able to ask question


answered 21 Apr '17, 03:07

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answered 21 Apr '17, 05:10

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answered 21 Apr '17, 05:56

ardentcoder's gravatar image

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edited 21 Apr '17, 09:02

First of all you know how un-active they r on gmail.

Secondly, In all of these posts they have mentioned the culprit -

(21 Apr '17, 06:58) mathecodician6★

kindly have a look into to the below comment.

(21 Apr '17, 09:35) ardentcoder2★
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answered 21 Apr '17, 08:36

ardentcoder's gravatar image

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edited 21 Apr '17, 10:20

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