Karma farming again

they ain’t my friends dude .
anyways i urge you two @abhi_shakes and @marshalspriya to kindly un-upvote any comments or posts that you upvoted as any courtesy to me .

now ratings are restored to the initial value

But if they ain’t your friends then why didn’t they upvote other people who also helped them ask questions like @sunil5798 and @hemanth_1. Also, they give him karma to ask before you.

okay … how can i know bro … u are going in altogether different direction …
I upvoted them for the first time when they were short of even 3 karma points . May be , that could be the reason .
Ans for your sake , they have un-upvoted my several threads … i can see my points going down .

I have un-upvoted them for your information . from now on , keep in mind whether you are wrongly accusing someone . all these things don’t quite go with me . REGARDS

I have mentioned this in the last line that if you have not done anything, then I have no problem.

First of all you know how un-active they r on gmail.

Secondly, In all of these posts they have mentioned the culprit -

kindly have a look into to the below comment.

It seems that @admin found out the things that @ardentcoder was doing wrong and @marshal_roxx was not doing wrong and was not the culprit so they suspended @ardentcoder and not @marshal_roxx. Thanks @admin. Good decision of yours.


done. Now u can ask questions.

Please try not to ask question like this, it just creates a mess around the forum.
It’s good that you are reporting cheaters, but please just directly report them to admin, feedback@codechef.com or close the suspected question and answer if you have required reputation.

You have a good reputation in this forum I think you can directly close questions can’t you?

You are doing a great job, your graph explains.

closed it.

Karma farming start mid of every month, there should be some method that prevents karma farming just like stackoverflow, in stackoverflow one cannot upvote until he has atleast 50 points

There are restrictions. One cannot upvoye till he has 20 karma. But the cheaters give upovtes to their other accounts so they can just upvote more.